Hank Dartson was a character in the Adventures of Roger and Hank. Hank has a tendency to get drunk. He also has a special way of building tools. This secret carried on in the company for years.

In 1892, Hank and his roommate Roger killed the leader of the McDeath family. For three years, that family was completely disorganized. This was until the family was resurrected by the leader's son in 1895. Since 1895, the family proved dangerous. Hank later became a target.

In 1907, Hank and Roger were found by the family at Hank's son's 14th birthday party. Hank was killed. Fortunately however, Roger and Hank's son (Hank Dartson Jr.) got away.

By the time Hank was killed, he'd already told his tool crafting secrets to Roger. Also by this time, the company spread to other cities. By 1941, Hank's Hardware became an international enterprise.

Cause of death: assassinated

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