Minecraft Xbox 360 - Herobrine sighting (TU17)02:38

Minecraft Xbox 360 - Herobrine sighting (TU17)

  1. The Herobrine sighting video was one of toms most popular videos with nearly 20K views as of July 2015

Most people say it is fake.

What goes on in this video.

It begins with Tom explaining he was recording some background footage for channel updates when he approaches Herobrine. He looks at Herobrine and after 2 seconds he runs in the opposite direction, when he looks back he doesn't see anyone and checks to see if he is along or not. He was the only player in the game.

recently tom revealed that it was fake in the 5 years of Tomzgames video

2. Posted in August of 2016

3. Posted in feb of 2017


  • They were done as an experiment to see if people would think he was real or fake
  • he is obviously not real and many people saw through it.

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