Reece is Mason's cousin. He is not afraid to use profanity in Tom's videos and is in fact the most profane/rude/racist user Tom knows.

First Appearance on Tomzgames: Minecraft Reeceland


XBL: DoGe Ernie


Nintendo ID: N/A

Steam: zarmorr

Twitter: N/A

Reddit: N/A

Real Name: Reece Pierce


"Aww, fuck you!"

"This is where I get my bigass guns, bitch!"

"Nick's being a D-Hole...."

"No you said your moms A."

"Hello sir"


  • His gamertag used to be OGJH Prometheus, but was changed twice for unknown reasons currently its DoGe Ernie
  • He was supposed to get equipment to make videos in late 2014. 1 year later he still doesn't have anything, however XB1 has capabilities to make videos so is can if he wants to
  • his cousin is mason
  • he still has a firework launcher in GTA V(online)

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