Tomzgames A.K.A. tom is the creator of the YouTube channel tomzgames. He posts gaming videos. Sometimes he does videos with his friends like Mason and Reece.


Youtube: tomzgames

XBL: Tomzgames

PSN: Tomzgames

Nintendo ID: Tomzgames

Steam: Tomzgames

Twitter: Tomzgames

Reddit: N/A

Real Name: Tom


He wears glasses and has short hair, usually wears short sleeve shirts but in winter long sleeves


The channel was created late August of 2011 and was originally intended to have a video every Friday. This changes very quickly and really crappy videos came out in the start 480p audio lagging type crappiness. It later changed when tom got a roxio but it had some issues and eventually he'd get an elgato. Now the channel is posting heavy plays, 2 Cousins, DAH News, and many more types of videos. Lately there has been some nongaming videos posted aswell included an upcoming trilogy about a murderer


  • "uh, uh huh."
  • "Note to self, don't ram boats with boats."
  • "MASON"
  • "Hey people"
  • "Goodbye"
  • "Don't forget to subscribe"
  • "Welcome to Team Fortress 2"
  • "Phil"
  • *burp* (sound)
  • hello


  • he owns all current gen systems
  • he uses an elgato hd60
  • hes the reason of all life on this wikia
  • he owns 2 dogs
  • he wrote this. 😀

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